About Us

Pharmaceutical Group dedicated to delivering innovation, health and Nutrition


Our Purpose

To be recognized as an Organization that generates solutions to improve the quality of people's health through integral pharmaceutical innovations, under a sustainable model of constant internationalization.



PROCAPS S.A. will be recognized as a leading company in the pharmaceutical market and a socially responsible company through the fulfillment of the best performance standards and the generation of value for employees, doctors, patients, customers, investors, business partners, suppliers, the communities where we work and all the public with whom we interact.


We direct our efforts to health improvement, offering medicines and services that ensure international-category quality standards, innovative and accessible due to their cost-benefit ralation, thus contributing to the creation of healthy individuals, educating them in the best life habits.
  • We endeavor, to attain success, to overcome our suppliers and customers expectations, relying on the generation of alliances that ensure the construction of a fair and equality environment. 

  • We work seeking the harmonic growth of business based upon a corporate governance code and an image associated to a sound ethical and financial performance, the sustained generation of economic value to our shareholders and concrete contribution to the improvement of our citizens life conditions.

  • We generate continuous improvement supporting the Human Resource development of our employees and our Corporation through continuous processes of training and labor and social promotion.

  • We are committed to the development and wellbeing of the community, with the construction of a healthier surroundings, and preservation and sustainable development of the environment. We know, respect and learn from our competition and we seek to surpass them within a framework of sound ethical principles.


Values are the set of beliefs that guide our conduct and are the basis for our Corporate Culture, generating differential elements and competitive advantages in our Human Resource:
Productiveness-1.png Productiveness: We anticipate with innovative initiatives and solutions
Humbleness.png Humbleness: we recognize and accept other with empathy and tolerance
team-work.png Team-work: we are better when we act together 
Competitiveness.png Competitiveness: we act rapidly and with precision to achieve success
Austerity.png Austerity: we value the correct use of resources 
Performance.png Performance: we honor the word given and the agreements made
Own presence in 13 countries
Our products reach 50+ markets